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On the refinement of management in school

"Difficult in the world, will be in easy World Affairs, will be in fine. "Lao-this sentence tells us, big business is made easy, things built up, their success or failure is often determined by the details. It can be said that fine attitude and approach is the premise and guarantee of success. The so-called "fine" means is precise and meticulous. Zhu Xi Song dynasty said: "treatment of bone, and the Polish: treatment of jade, which is crafted for complex milling. Rule has been refined, and its benefits. "In other words. Anything to do precise detail, good also requires better. Fine management in the modern sense originated in Japan for Toyota, they "lean" is called for, to improve product quality, and promote Japan's economic growth, Japan soon overtake Germany to become the world's second largest economy.
, The "lean" company and "lean" production methods, as Japan's economic rise and the world. China's Haier Group and because of adopting meticulous management and the rapid rise of their "zero defect" idea, "Nissin" concept has become the history of modern management coordinates. The world has entered the era of fine, as school administrators in managing the successful experiences of schools should not copy all Haier, but he had to learn from the fine management concept. Looking at the best school in the country, all in details the management of great effort. Schools rely on slogans and extensive management will be able to create a brand, will be able to cultivate excellent teachers and students ' ideas is extremely naïve. Is the problem of lack of attention to detail make it impossible for many teachers who have the potential to become a first-class teacher, missed countless students of superior intelligence and ideals, many hardware-standard school cannot become a first-class school.
Education resource waste, curriculum reform deterred, teaching quality worse, overspending on buck, all can be found in the details of the source. "Tarzan not refusing the fine soil, so it becomes the high river and not optional trickle, so deep. "So, small gift, detail decides success or failure. Around us, lots of people wanted to do great things, but very few people would do fine things. To nation-building, down to each specific unit, never lacked male Tao Wei's strategist. Missing is the better performer; no shortage of all kinds of management rules and regulations, the lack of is a regulations implement the provisions compromise. That "the devil is hidden in the details of our actions. "Are the most pertinent to modern people's advice. Race each other in the school into "schools". Brand, feature school teams, many school administrators are thinking: what kicked off the school's grade? teachers? teaching? spirit of the students to study hard? teaching facility? ... ... It cannot be denied that these differences did restrict some schools into "prestigious, brand characteristic schools" but schools entered the competition today, these differences are getting smaller and smaller. Especially between universities, even more insignificant. So what causes uneven school fame situation? school management of extensive fine distinction is what leads to differences between schools and the key. Modern management thought and management there are three levels, one is standard, and the other is fine, the third is personalized.
The fine management of the school is to implement a management responsibility management responsibility for specific, explicit, and this requires everyone to get the job done, do the staff in place, responsible for the work, the position is responsible for all management, management, management. In education reform surging today, ideas, thoughts abound, but these dizzying idea really into teaching practice and receive the actual effects are few. Therefore, deepen the education reform is the key to practice. Aimed at the forefront of modern management, advanced experience of running a school, introducing the concept fine management of development, constructing "vertical, transverse to the edge" the refinement of management platform, form a mechanism for school improvement and continuous improvement, is the only way to comprehensively improve the management level and quality of education in schools. "Thin" is the only way to improve the quality of management.
"Fine" is the result of fine management, effortless. We believe that the refinement of management is to implement a management responsibility, one worry to worry about you. Management responsibility for specific, explicit, and it requires everyone to place, due diligence and get the job done the first time, responsible for the work, the position is responsible for all management, management, management.

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